What does a prospective candidate need to know?

There are so many people who have either amazing skills, impressive prior workexperience, qualifications, or ambitions… and who have also faced barriers to gaining employment. We want to get people the job they want and the wage they deserve, with Inclusive Jobs offering the ability to sign up to receive relevant job alerts, apply for jobs and training opportunities. Some people might want to apply to a job or sign up for training directly through our website, and some people might want to join an employability programme or receive more guidance from a charity.

If you are looking for work and have experienced barriers or feel that you are at risk of becoming homeless please get in touch or register to join Inclusive Jobs. We understand that everyone’s situation is different – you might be ready to apply for a full-time job straight away, or you might want more support with things like getting a bank account or having your travel costs to the interview covered. This is fine.

All of the roles you will find on our site are from businesses who understand removing barriers to employment, inclusivity and who are committed to working with you to provide more support and flexibility if needed. You can also choose to meet up with one of our fab ‘job buddies’ if you like too.

On the Inclusive Jobs website, you can post your CV for employers to see, apply for jobs & other opportunities, and sign up to receive alerts on roles that we think are a good match for you. If you are working with a charity, they can do all of this with you too.

Please also take a look at all the options and support for homelessness that is available for you via Street Support.

Inclusive Jobs



See the support options available to help you along the candidate journey to full employment such as help with ID, bank accounts, etc.

Once you have signed up to Inclusive Jobs you can:

  • Upload your CV for all our employers to see
  • Receive updates about new jobs and training that meet your criteria
  • Apply to jobs and training

Required to use site:

  • I am currently unemployed or in insecure employment
  • Experienced barriers to employment and/or experiencing a form of homelessness / I feel that I am at risk of becoming homeless
  • I have a bank account (or I would like help with opening a bank account)
  • I am working with an agency who can support me through this process if needed
  • I am currently in a form of accommodation and I am being supported to get stable accommodation (or I would like help to find accommodation)

Other support:


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