What potential partners need to know

  • We would like to hear from any individuals or organisations who share our goals of increasing job opportunities and training for people who have experienced barriers to employment such as homelessness, of changing perspectives, and improving recruitment processes. If you would like to partner with us please get in touch, we welcome any ideas, feedback, and offers of support. We are particularly interested in hearing from HR networks, recruitment agencies, or sector-based networks(e.g. hospitality).
  • We are also looking to help employers and partners with advertising volunteering positions, for both work experience opportunities to help in gaining key skills and also for people who wish to support partners/charities with their work.
  • We would further like to hire a full-time member of staff for Inclusive Jobs who can work with the current team to be a ‘broker’ between candidates and employers. We would also like this role to go to someone who has personal insight into homelessness.
  • Inclusive Jobs has been created with no budget and we need finance to sustain and grow. We would also like to encourage people who are interested in this area to look to support the other amazing charities and initiatives that we are linked into. Please see here.
Inclusive Jobs